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HARVESTMOON writes their music on journeys, while sitting by the sea, in a inspiring moment in a home-office-lunch break, or somewhere under an old tree in a summer garden. Their songs breath a mix of poetic melancholy and are light as air with unpredictably sense of rhythmn and melody.


The band- buddies, Andy Weber (piano, voice), Roland Hürlemann (Drums), Matthias Rist (guitar, voice, harmonica),

Rose Marie Gasser (voice, percussion), Philippe Yersin (cello, voice) played in various bands, live projects and studio recordings.


All started in the 90ties, when Rist'n'Rose (Matthias Rist and Rose Marie Gasser) met in a trashy band room in the catacombs of a culture factory in Eastern Switzerland (Kammgarn, Schaffhausen). Since then, the songwriter couple went through all the seasons and stood wild in the storms of life. In 2023 they went for a new name and founded Harvestmoon to sail new waters und playgrounds. Much like old Shakespeare would say. "If music be the food of love, play on."

Contact & Booking
+41 76 525 08 72

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We are all in the harvest time of our lives. And if the moon still shines on stage, that suits us.

Harvest moon is not only the old name for the (harvest) month (moon) of August, but also an effect that occurs around the beginning of autumn. The apparent orbit of the moon in front of the starry sky is very flat over the eastern horizon at this time of year. As a result, the time of moonrise shifts only slightly in the days around the full moon. The result is several nights of bright moonlight. Before the introduction of modern agricultural machinery equipped with lights, this phenomenon allowed harvesting work to continue into the night.

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