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On stage, HARVESTMOON fascinate their audience with polyphonic vocals and poetic lyrics in different languages (English, French, German). Carried by melodious piano lines, crispy guitar and cello sounds and rhythms, their music opens up a space that sooths and touches the listeners ears and hearts. The band paints a multicolored landscape of songs from pop, soul, chanson and folk influences, It resonates and sounds after in their listeners. An exquisite programm of self-interpreted covers rounds it all up. There is always a glimpse of magic in theirs music.

Reich mir deine Hand | Livecut, Kulturschuppen Klosters

Morning Star | Livecut, Kulturschuppen Klosters

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Juni 2024 (08- 22. Juni) Summer Streetmusic- "Busking" Rist&Rose

Samstag 13. April 2024 | Harvestmoon, Privatkonzert St. Gallen

Freitag 2. Februar 2024 | Harvestmoon "Special Guest" Max Berend Band, Klosters

Mittwoch 25. Oktober 2023 | Privatanlass, Lesung, St. Gallen

Sonntag 27. August 2023 | Sommerladencafé, Altnau Saisonschluss ab 17Uhr > more info

Samstag 19. August 2023 | Sommer- Hofplatzkonzert, Ottoberg TG ab 17Uhr > more info 

Freitag 20. Januar 2023 | Bandraumkonzert am Gleis, Güttingen | Band (Privatanlass) ​

Samstag 31. Dezember 2022 | Sylvesterfeier Villa Schaad, Weinfelden | Band (Privatanlass)

Samstag 18. Dezember 2022 | Firmenanlass, > Campus Sursee  

Samstag 12. November 2022 | Online Buchvernissage "Meilin"  von Rose

Samstag 29. Oktober 2022 | Konzert im Haus am See, Berlingen TG,

Samstag 8. Oktober 2022 | Konzert im Freihof, Neschwil ZH,

Samstag 13. August 2022 | Konzert am 4. Openair Im Mausacker, Steinebrunn TG​

Donnerstag 23. Juni 2022 | Lesung und Gitarrenklänge mit Rist&Rose, Sommerladencafé, Altnau

Samstag 11. Juni 2022 | Gartenkonzert  Band, Güttingen TG​

Donnerstag 21. April 2022 | Lesung und Musik mit Rist&Rose, EdoBar, Hotel Sedartis Thalwil ZH

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