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Which came first, the lyrics or the melody. When it comes to songwriting, there is no rule as to what comes first in the process of creating a song. There are songs that are written within half an hour and then it seems as if a musical spirit is whispering tones and letters in one's ear. But it usually takes a little longer and the piece forges, paints and writes itself over days, weeks, months, sometimes even years until the work can be added to the repertoire. Our songs are stories that unfold their lyrical power in the fusion of melody and text poetry.

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Scene In A Scene (Matthias Rist 2021) 

It's a scene in a scene, It's a world in a world, It's a dream in a dream

There's a will to be still, in every dark is a spark

In every man is a plan, in every mission a vision

In every time is a line, as in the palm of a hand

Take nothing for granted, you are the seed you have planted

Hope is the drug, love is the balm, shine your time, your time is devine ...

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Desert scene
Image by NEOM
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